Monday, February 5, 2007


So yea i haven't updated but fuck it, so my winter break was a funny month did some gigs in Brooklyn wit Ease and Ras One and my new hair that lasted about a week hair grows to damm fast.

Throw Back Bitch

Ras One and Friends

My new thing taking random picks of peoples sneakers

Look at that

Ras One, Ease and Me in the back ground

At work or play....mostly play

Monday, January 8, 2007

post new year

This shit is new to me so my blogg should get better as I learn how to use this. here's some pic from Brookyln

Ease and ill P
Mr. Raks One

Stone Kutter teddy king and mr. Axis

Ill P and ME

Heres a nice little Pic of the bridge from Sholin to BK

Teddy King at

I hate DJ booths that are Messy